Computer Mania Day for Girls
Computer Mania Day is a Saturday program for girls ages 10 to 14, with a special outreach to disadvantaged girls, focusing on developing their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), not just as users, but as developers, designers, entrepreneurs and leaders in these disciplines. How is Computer Mania Day different? The event associates STEM with being cool, having fun and making a difference in the world. It involves hands-on experiences with female role models in a wide variety of real-world sciences and technologies and makes a connection to innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and critical thinking.
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Women’s Innovation Through Technology Entrepreneurship (INNOTECH)
The INNOTECH Project is designed to build the competence and confidence of women leaders who are aspiring or current technology entrepreneurs, thus enabling them to start or grow successful businesses and sustain them over time. This program is unique because it moves beyond traditional classroom and online information sharing between academics and entrepreneurs to real knowledge transfer from successful women technology entrepreneurs who have “cashed out” to those who wish to become innovation entrepreneurs integrating technology as a primary component for success. This customized program provides targeted training and long-term one-to-one mentoring for selected women to increase the success rate of technology-infused business start-up, growth and sustainability.
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Global Women’s Technology Collaborative
Extensive research indicates that women are the largest source of untapped potential for economic development around the world. Concurrently, innovation is the place where new economic growth occurs, and technology is the largest enabler of innovation today. Global Women’s Technology Collaborative (GWTC) supports the establishment of collaborative organizations among women- and technology-serving organizations interested in addressing issues of access, literacy, employment, entrepreneurship, and leadership to advance economic development through improving education, increasing employment and entrepreneurship, and expanding innovation while embracing the values of leadership, equity, and integrity. By connecting the many women engineers, teachers, and entrepreneurs with enormous compassion, energy, and interest in improving the quality of life for others, particularly girls and women, we can begin to address the digital divide, or more specifically the gender digital divide, to ensure the best and brightest minds, including women’s, are developed and have the access needed to help solve our shared global challenges.
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Women: Leading the Future of Technology
Ensuring that Maryland’s entire community engages its best and brightest minds, including women’s, to build, attract and grow business development is a central focus for MDWIT’s annual conference: Women Leading the Future of Technology.The conference targets three groups:Women in Entrepreneurship, Women in the Technology Workforce, and the Next Generation of Women in Technology.
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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa
A Best Practice Highlighting the Power of Partnerships. Meridian International Center, the Maxum Business Incubator at The Innovation Hub in Pretoria, South Africa, and Multinational Development for Women in Technology (MDWIT) are conducting a project titled, “Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa” designed to build the competence and confidence of 12 South African women who are aspiring or current entrepreneurs, thus enabling them to start or grow successful businesses. Each participant is associated with a South African incubator and has an information and communications technology (ICT) business/business model or an ICT-enabled business/business model.
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Maryland Taskforce on the Status of Women and IT
The Taskforce on the Status of Women and Information Technology was established to study the issues relating to the declining involvement of girls and women in information technology. The Center both drafted the legislation and the director serves as an ex officio member of the group. The Taskforce will study the impact the decline has on the overall technology literacy of Maryland’s workforce and on the future of the information technology workforce. The taskforce will investigate strategies to address the challenges to better meet the state’s workforce demands in all career areas where technology is used. The taskforce will develop a statewide comprehensive women and information technology plan and strategies for plan implementation and public promotion of the plan, as well as facilitate coordination and communication among state and local restoration companies and organizations regarding achieving the goals of the plan.The taskforce will present an annual report on its findings and recommendations to the governor.

Center for Women and Technology, Arab Region
MDWIT is supporting the development of a Center for Women and Technology for the Arab Region. By focusing on the opportunities and contributions of both women and emerging technologies in the global economy, this new ICT-driven center will expand current best practices and develop new initiatives in the Arab World to measurably increase economic, social, and educational development to benefit all in the knowledge economy by 2020. This Center will serve as the first partnership for the GWTC mentioned above.

External Initiatives Supported by MDWIT

The National Girls Collaborative Project
The National Center for Women and IT (NCWIT)